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This website is meant to be a positive resource to show you that you are beautiful and also provide comfort by showing you pictures of celebrities with stretch marks so that you can be safe in the knowledge that even the biggest ‘A List’ celebrities still ‘suffer’ from the same skin conditions and ‘imperfections’ that we do.

Welcome to Celebrity Stretch Marks magazine!

celebrity stretch marksCelebrity Stretch Marks is an online celebrity lifestyle magazine dedicated to showing that celebrities are just like everyday people. We aim to challenge the perception of ‘perfection’ and show that having stretch marks is completely normal and acceptable in society. We do this by highlighting that even the seemingly ‘flawless’ A list celebrities suffer from common skin conditions like stretch marks.

Stretch Marks In The Media

The media is to blame for a lot of our insecurities. If you can imagine a world where magazines, TV and Movies had never existed, then what would our perception of beauty be? Would we all strive for ‘perfection’ or would there even be such a thing? Would having stretch marks even be an issue for any of us?